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Engine Setup


Activate and configure your GA4 (Google Analytics 4) and Tag Manager (GTM) to start collecting and MEASURING your data.

Funnel Roadmap


Build flows and dashboards using Looker Studio (previously Data Studio) to have an easy-to-understand data visualization on HOW you are getting your marketing results.

Optimized Conversions


Make a strategic, data-driven decisions, to GROW your business without guessing and assuming your numbers.





Read what clients and fellows say about us.

“I needed an analytics expert to come in and help my team create better reporting and clearer attribution for our client’s advertising campaigns. Sarah has been great to work with from day 1 – providing top quality work, intelligent ideas and has always been the right balance of friendly & professional – I look forward to working together on many projects to come.”

Jamie Forrest

Director, Healthy Leads

“I had the pleasure of working with Sarah on setting up custom Google Analytics 4 on our website, and I cannot express enough how helpful and knowledgeable she was throughout the entire process. She took the initiative to thoroughly explain the steps involved in setting up Google Analytics 4 and provided helpful tips to ensure we were making the most out of the platform.

Her expertise in the area of digital analytics was evident in the way she was able to answer all our questions and provide guidance on how to track and analyze our website’s performance effectively. She was patient, friendly, and incredibly responsive, making it a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Thanks to Sarah’s help, we now have a solid foundation to measure and optimize our website’s performance. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for expert guidance on setting up and using Google Analytics 4.”

Marriez Manio

System Administrator, BRYCE Inspired Careers

“Sarah is very generous of her time, knowledge and expertise. Her explanations about Google analytics is very beginner friendly and very in-depth. She doesn’t hold back in sharing all she knows about the topic. She also provided the Google Tag Manager that we can easily use for the sharing access. She’s really passionate and coming from a place of help and wants to help you help your clients see how valuable data is and use it to achieve desired results for you or your client’s business.”

Debbie Lou Donoso

Virtual Digital Marketer, Health by Science



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