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We help Real Estate Brokers & Agencies to double their sales through Marketing Analytics by building an automated data-engine with optimized and measurable marketing roadmap so they can focus on closing the sale.



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Challenges You Are Facing

Growing Listing Portals


Are you struggling to compete or to manage different listing portals just to find your ideal homebuyer?

Unqualified Leads


Are you getting low quality leads for every project/property you promote?

Ineffective Marketing


Are you losing time and money, feeling all your marketing efforts are not effective?

Challenging Digital Transformation


Are you having a hard time to adapt or keep up with the online tools, marketing channels and digital strategies?


The Effect of Adapting Technology (Source: Review42.com)



of real estate agents consider keeping up with technology


of buyers found detailed information about properties online


of buyers find their new home online


How We Can Help

Automated Engine


You can’t get online when you don’t have the tools you need to generate, capture and measure your leads. It’s not hard as you think, you just need a team to help you implement the most important ones to keep you going forward.

Funnel Roadmap


When your engine is ready and working, it’s time to drive traffic to your automated engine. Get more users, qualify them as leads, and convert quality leads to deals making sure that the roadmap is measured.

Analytics Dashboards


It’s a strategic advantage when you measure all your traffic so that you know exactly where your leads are dropping off. When you know where your leads are coming from, you can focus your marketing efforts (and money) to what matters most.

Hi, I’m Sarah, your Reporting & Dashboard Specialist, Spreadsheet Rockstar and Digital Marketing Partner.

I‘m on a mission in helping Real Estate businesses use a data-driven digital marketing strategy to measure and improve sales funnels.

Working with data for more than 10 years plus exploring different technologies, I’ve become enthusiastic to optimization where numbers, tools and strategy work hand-in-hand to have a powerful data storytelling. Trained and inspired by my very first freelance client, I am able to build my own digital marketing agency.

Sarah Borja
CEO & Chief Digital Officer 🚀

Digital Marketing 🟠 Business Strategy 🟠 Automation & Optimization

What Clients Say About Me

“I needed an analytics expert to come in and help my team create better reporting and clearer attribution for our client’s advertising campaigns. Sarah has been great to work with from day 1 – providing top quality work, intelligent ideas and has always been the right balance of friendly & professional – I look forward to working together on many projects to come.”

Jamie Forrest

Director, Healthy Leads

Our Strategy

What are the Next Steps Would Look Like

[1] Strategic Planning

We dedicate our time to audit and understand your current setup, data collection and business goals. Auditing and Planning is the critical part so that we can identify what we need to implement and improve. The better the plan we make, the faster the implementation will be.

[3] Activate & Implement

Now that we have our roadmap to achieve your business goals, we are ready to activate and implement it. This is where we will make sure that the roadmap will make sense when measured properly. The results we’ll get can give a full story of our marketing data to help us analyze and discover hidden insights that will save us tons of time where time is also money.

[2] Data Roadmap

We will prepare a roadmap that will actually guide and help us where are we in the process. Having a clear roadmap will unlock what results are we getting and how we are getting them. This will be the foundation of our journey for us to deliver the results that supports your business goals.

[4] Reporting & Analysis

This is where we use the data to your advantage. This will give us a quick overview of what is happening and you can easily make decisions when things broke down. When you want to optimize, you will not end up guessing your next steps and hoping for the best. Numbers can literally change your business and keep marketing forward.

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